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Geordie Mumby Scholarship Fund

To raise funds towards The Geordie Mumby Scholarship Fund, The School of Transformation is selling custom designed socks! We chose designs that reflect some of Geordie’s favorite hobbies, as a fun way to remember and honor him! 

Geordie himself was no stranger to wearing some funky patterned socks, a somewhat contradictory characteristic compared to his often calm and reserved demeanor. While it was very clear how anointed and powerful he was, Geordie also appreciated simple things like good coffee and old comedies.


Geordie Mumby, along with his wife Stefanie, directed the School of Transformation Oroville. He served the students faithfully, up until March of 2020 when he passed away after a year long battle with cancer. His ability to love and guide people and help them feel valuable was second to none. He had a way of simplifying chaotic situations and pointing a person towards the truth of Jesus in a way that inspired and encouraged. After he passed, many students and fellow staff members of The Fathers House Church described him as “the one who really understood me”. It is our honor as the remaining staff of The School of Transformation to honor this ministry to which he gave his whole heart.


The Geordie Mumby Scholarship Fund was founded as a way to honor his legacy by financially aiding students of The School of Transformation. This will help assist deserving individuals who possess the qualities of a student dedicated to the call of Jesus in their lives. Geordie Mumby placed high value in trusting Jesus and obeying Him no matter what the cost, and lived this out as an example daily.

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