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Do I have to start with Module 1? 

Yes. Each module builds on the one(s) before. You don't necessarily have to take them all in a row, but you do need to take them in order. Each module is offered once a year, so you can apply for the next module when it rolls around again.

What are the starting dates for the next semester?

SoT Lite Module 1 (In-person & Online) - September 8, 2024

How much does SoT Lite cost? 

Individuals: US$150 – Couples: US$260 (Modules 1 to 3)

Individuals: US$165 – Couples: US$290 (Module 4)


How long is each Module? 

 Module 1 - Eight week

Module 2 - Six weeks

 Module 3 - Four weeks

Module 4 - Five weeks


Where is the School of Transformation based?

The School of Transformation is located at 2300 Oro Bangor Highway, Oroville, California, USA. If you live close, you'll join your classmates in person for class and church services. Students participating online will have access to our professionally produced livestream classes and church services. 


How do the online classes work? 

Classes are held in-person and simulcast live via Zoom. Out-of-town students interact with the online pastors and teachers, engage in class Q&A's, and participate completely in the class community. Some of our most successful graduates have participated online. 


Is there an age restriction?  

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to apply.


What are the requirements involved in SoT Lite?  

Each module has its own specific requirements, however class attendance, attendance at TFHC Sunday & Wednesday Church services (in-person or streaming), and weekly homework assignments are involved in each module.

How long does the homework take?  

Homework takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a week. Assignments are designed to help you apply what you learn in class to your everyday life. When it comes to homework, it's more about quality than quantity.

Can international students apply for the School of Transformation Lite? 

Of course! We've had students from as far away as Iceland and Pakistan.

When do I get my t-shirt? 

Module 1 students receive their SoT Lite t-shirt at graduation. Online students can choose to cover the cost of shipping (US$15) and a t-shirt will be mailed to them. 


Is there financial aid?  

There are no formal financial aid programs in effect at this time; however, if you are in financial hardship, please contact us. Finances rarely prevent people from attending our school.


After I complete Module 1, what's next?  

Students who complete Module 1 are encouraged to apply for Module 2 and beyond. Module 2 students also have access to the School of Transformation's Prayer Ministry team. We want to support students as they continue to go deeper with Jesus and put what they learned in SoT Lite into practice.


How much involvement will the students have with the church?  

Church attendance (whether in-person or online via our livestream) is mandatory for each SoT Lite class. We value the transformational nature of community, so we have included church attendance in the curriculum. Students attend our 10 AM service on Sundays after class and our Wednesday evening services at 6:30 PM.

All classes and services are in US Pacific Time.

As an online student, what if my home church time clashes with SoT Lite or TFHC services? 

Connecting with your home church community is important, and we encourage it. At the same time, Module 1 only comes around once a year, and we want you to get the most out of it. We ask you to pray and consider investing eight Sundays in your spiritual growth so that you will be better equipped to serve and grow at your home church. We promise it will be worth it!

If it really doesn't work for the upcoming module, watch this space. We are constantly working on more ways to bring this awesome curriculum to as many people as possible. This may include different class times, video courses or other creative options. Stay tuned.

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