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School of Transformation
Full Time


The Father’s House School of Transformation is a vocational ministry school. We combine class time with hands-on ministry and one-on-one mentoring so that students can put what they learn into practice in a safe environment.

The full-time school can take up to three years, starting with a foundational six months of teaching and training in Level 1. You would then graduate on to increased levels of practical ministry alongside teachings in Levels 2, 3, and 4.

You will live and work with us as part of our community and become part of our team. You will have the opportunity to take part in weekly mentoring appointments, monthly prayer ministry sessions, and church services on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

6 months

Build a foundation on Christ that will result in freedom, fruitfulness, and purpose. The focus is on you growing in relationship with Jesus and becoming who He has created you to be.

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Become who Jesus created you to be as you journey through these themes in your time at the

School of Transformation.

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Faith, grace, and redemption; understanding everything it means for you to be saved.



Grow in your faith by following the leadership and example of others and the Holy Spirit.

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Knowing God's love for you, loving Him in return, and learning to love others as you have been loved.

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Discover your calling and the practical steps it takes to make your dreams a reality.

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Healing the wounds of the heart through forgiveness and discovering who you are in Jesus.

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Meet community needs in practical ways through helping run Father's House events.



Part of your schooling will be practical application. This could include spending your afternoons in a local non-profit run by the Father's House Restoration Ministries, kids ministry, media, construction, and more.

Mentoring & Prayer Ministry

As a student of the School of Transformation, you will be assigned a mentor that will meet with you regularily and help you walk through this journey. You will also have someone to lead you through prayer ministry, going after healing for the wounds of the heart that build up through life's circumstances.

Personal Study

You will be given homework assignments throughout your time as a student. These assignments may include reading through the gospels, book reports, and progress journals. Assignments are carefully planned with the purpose of finding out who God is and who that makes you.


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Maria was born in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. She is married with two young daughters. Maria has been working with the School of Transformation for many years and has a God-given desire to see individuals find the truth and change their lives. She empowers people to step into their full potential, become who they were created to be, and follow Jesus boldly wherever He leads them.

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Level 1 Leader

Johnny was born and raised in Oroville. He is married with two awesome kids. Johnny attended the School of Transformation in 2014 after having an encounter with Jesus, where he discovered He is real. Before that, he had been a front man for metal bands and found his value and worth in that. Today, he knows who he is as a son and a disciple of Jesus. Today his passion is to teach, mentor, and love the people in front of him.

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Level 1 Leader

Lisa is from Ontario, Canada, but came to Oroville 21 years ago as the very first intern at the Father's House. Lisa has the privilege of co-leading Level 1 with her husband, Johnny Bowers. She also oversees the guidance counseling department and is an inner healing department trainer and facilitator. Lisa LOVES watching the transformation in people's hearts and lives when they come to know their Savior. She is passionate about this incredible opportunity to teach and give her life away for those He sends her. 

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Level 2 Leader and Administrator

Ashley is from Toronto, Canada. She went to university on a soccer scholarship and received her degree in teaching. Ashley grew up very confused about her identity due to a battle with epilepsy overshadowing her life. Since coming to the school in 2016, she can confidently say she knows that Jesus defines her. Ashley's desire is for people to find out who God is and who that makes them.

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Level 2 Leader

Nathan and his wife, Lindsay Taylor are initially from Toronto, Canada, but now call Oroville home. After a radical conversion where Nathan found Jesus to be real, he left behind a life of addiction and depression back in 2008. Nathan's passion is to connect people to the heart of God, to help them find Him, hear his truths, apply the word to their lives, and be transformed by the power of the cross.

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Level 3 Leader

Lisa is from Manitoba, Canada. She is a talented baker and loves coming up with new creations. Besides teaching mentoring, and leading the level three class, Lisa is also one of the worship pastors at the Father's House Church. Her heart for worship leads many into the presence of Jesus.

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Level 4 Leader

Ryan is from Elgin, IL, and he is a non-identical, identical twin (google it!). Ryan came to Oroville in 2009. He is a passionate worship leader and teacher. It is his goal to help people discover their identity and authority in Jesus Christ.

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