SOT Lite

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School of Transformation Lite Module 1 starts March 6, 2022!

"I felt exhausted and like I was losing the daily battle; anxious and a slave to fear. Now I have peace, even in the midst of natural disaster and family crisis. Jesus is with me and I am following Him."


"I feel that the door was ‘unlocked’ for me to receive love in a way I had never been able to do before!"


"I know many people who are searching, just like I was, and I know these courses would impact their lives greatly. I am a new person. Jesus’ life has changed my life. He is worth following."


"There were challenging things to overcome throughout the class that really changed my demeanour and my perspective on what a follower of Jesus looks like."


"The biggest obstacle I encountered was not knowing how to live my faith out. What did God create me for? How does this look in everyday life? And this Module really helped me figure that out. I have a way better idea as to how this looks on a daily basis for myself with my kids, husband and peers. It has taken a lot of the pressure off."

"Module 3 has helped me develop my identity. I feel more confident in who I am in Jesus, when I know how to live my life for Jesus. This is a big one because I often felt confused and lost with "What does this look like in everyday life?" And this module really cleared that up for me."


"I am a new person. I have confidence from Jesus. I can barely go through a conversation without talking about Jesus. That was far from the case before these courses."


"My joy was made complete once I started the process in Module 1. My light bulb finally turned on, and I was on fire. A good friend, has noticed a big difference in my life and it excites her. My parents have made comments as to how much I have changed. I have so much freedom and confidence that wasn't there before."