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I came to the School of Transformation, looking for hope. I took a chance that there might be more to life than the DEFEAT, FEAR, and LONELINESS I was living in, so I decided to invest time into looking for something more.

During the School of Transformation, I have learned to put my hope in Jesus. No matter what circumstances life throws at me, Jesus is my constant. He is always faithful. I have learned to distinguish between facts and truth. I am learning that what I have believed about myself is completely different from how God created me.

I have become someone who can DREAM. I have OVERCOME the defeat and sickness that defined me. I have HOPE for my future and able to believe for good things.

The School of Transformation has completely changed my life.



I was STRESSED and UNSATISFIED. I tried to find worth in what I did. I constantly sought the next accomplishment to validate my worth.

I came to the School of Transformation to find the answer to what I should do with my life. I ended up discovering who I am and started to believe in my true identity.

I have become CONTENT and SECURE in who I am today. I have peace and no longer need to prove myself.



I was ALONE. I was depressed, addicted, and hopeless after losing custody of my daughter.

Since coming to the School of Transformation, I have gained freedom from addiction and found the love of Jesus. I found healing, and I learned how to follow Jesus and have a relationship with Him. I learned how to read the Bible and how to follow and trust leaders.

I have become FREE and ALIVE. I now have a passion for life and helping others.

I get to help change lives instead of destroy them.



 I was a LIAR. Every day I put on a face and lived a double life.

Since coming to School of Transformation: I have gained knowledge of who Jesus is, found my true identity, and started the journey of believing who he says I am.

I have become REAL and HONEST. I am trustworthy and lead others out of addiction and dysfunction.


I was ANGRY and HATED MYSELF. I was full of fear and anxiety, my emotions were out of control, and I couldn't trust anyone.

Since coming to the School of Transformation, I have discovered that being real and open with my struggles and choosing to trust the leaders here has set me free. I couldn't change on my own.

I have become PEACEFUL and have SELF CONTROL. I like myself today and love Jesus with my whole life.



I was LOST and DEPRESSED without DIRECTION. I had to prove my worth through achievements; I believed I would never be good enough.

Since coming to School of Transformation, I have changed way more than I ever expected. I encountered the Living Truth and found love and acceptance in the community.

I have become CONFIDENT and have PURPOSE. I love who I am today and live to serve Jesus because He is worthy, not to prove my worth.

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