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Refuse Ordinary means rejecting a lifeless and distant faith and embracing a real, radical and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. Join us as we Refuse Ordinary and pursue the powerful adn extradordinary life that Jesus promises!



What defines you? When it comes to knowing who you are, who gets the final say? It may seem straightforward, but the truth is, it’s easy to get confused. We’re surrounded by a world where our circumstances, our society, and our experiences constantly try to define our identity. So where can you find the truth of who you are and who you were created to be? For Episode 1, we’re joined by Chloe Wellsand, graduate and teacher of The Father’s House School of Transformation to talk about the importance of letting Jesus tell us who we are.


Does your faith feel dry? Do you often wonder if you’re missing something or if there’s something more to life following Jesus? If that sounds like you, you’re not alone! So what does it take to replace that dry faith with one that’s fruitful and overflowing? We’re joined this week by Ryan Kelly, Worship Pastor at The Father’s House Church and the leader and graduate of the School of Transformation. Ryan shares how one simple perspective shift made all the difference for him, unlocking a whole new level of loving and serving Jesus.


Do you ever feel lonely or lost in your Christian walk? Do you wish you had someone to learn from and point you in the right direction? Christianity was meant to be done with others, following those who are going the right way, just as the disciples followed Jesus. In a culture where there’s a heavy emphasis on independence, Jesus calls us to follow. This is where discipleship comes in. We as Christians need the help and support of others in order to help us stick to the path that leads to Jesus. If our goal is to look more like Jesus, we need to be following someone whose goal every day is to look more like Jesus. Yet not everyone who claims to have a relationship with Jesus is someone who would be safe to follow. It is important to examine a person's fruit to see that they really are someone that you can learn from as you press on towards Jesus. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.


How would you define love? Do you find this subject to be confusing, sometimes bringing up more questions than answers? These days it feels like everyone has their own definition of love, and some definitions of love seem to produce results that imply love was never really present. So instead of coming up with our own definition of love, maybe it's time we listen to Jesus' definition of love. Jesus loved with complete selflessness. He gave it all, from a genuine place, and changed people's lives no matter who they were. We need to let Jesus' definition of love become our definition of love and decide to partner with Him and love the one in front of us.


In a time where the focus seems to be on self-care and setting boundaries, what is our life with Jesus really supposed to look like? Does the idea of giving everything for Jesus sound daunting or burdensome? Giving your life away is about a response to Jesus and who He is in your life. A relationship with Jesus is not transactional. It is not about giving so that you can get something in return. Jesus already gave us the greatest gift, and we have the opportunity to respond to what He has given us. We actually get to partner with what Jesus is doing. All that He is is more than enough to fill us up as we respond to the calling on our lives to love those around us.


Do you feel stuck on seeing the vision for your life? Do you wonder what God is calling you to? Something that gets overlooked quite often is the importance of following another person's vision. Following another's vision can actually be following your vision as you allow God to use people and experiences to prepare you for what He has for you. When you feel stuck or have a hard time dreaming sometimes the best thing to do is to just take a step. What you may need is to get some momentum and let others come alongside you as you move forward. Sometimes instead of knowing the whole layout of the house, you'll have to just walk into the room right in front of you.