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Your decision to join the School of Transformation is a decision to embark on a journey into TRUTH. You will discover the true nature of God and your true identity in Him. 


You will explore five different foundational themes during the School of Transformation. These topics are covered in our Full-Time Module as well as our Online Modules. 


We believe these are essential keys to becoming who Jesus created you to be.


Theme 1: Salvation

Faith, grace, and redemption; understanding everything it means for you to be saved.


Theme 2:

Knowing God's love for you, loving Him in return, and learning to love others as you have been loved.


Theme3: Identity

Healing the wounds of the heart through forgiveness and discovering who you are in Jesus.


Theme 4:


Grow in your faith by following the leadership and example of others and the Holy Spirit.


Theme 5:

Discover your calling and the practical steps it takes to make your dreams a reality.


Hands-On Training

Your transformation journey will not only happen in the classroom, you will join in one or more of The Father's House Church ministries. Leaders will disciple you as you serve together to make a difference in the local community.


We partner with several different ministries and non-profit businesses that you can gain experience in and acquire transferable skills. You could be part of our outreaches, Kids Church, or worship teams. You will also have the opportunity to serve in our partner non-profit Christian businesses including a construction crew, a frozen yogurt store, a gym, and a clothing boutique.

Mentoring & Prayer Ministry

We understand that everyone's story is different, so you will have a personal mentor that meets with you weekly. You will have the opportunity to reflect on what you are learning, ask questions, and receive prayer. You won't be alone on your transformation journey.


You will also have access to Prayer Ministry: healing for life's hurts. We have seen great freedom in ourselves and our students as we set aside time to pray through forgiveness, repentance, lies, and more. Prayer Ministry can free you to see Jesus more clearly.

Personal Study

You will study the Gospels, reflecting on key themes like love or authority. The purpose of this study is to familiarize you with the words and life of Jesus so you can become more like Him. 


Book Reports and weekly Personal Growth Journals are also part of the experience. All of these elements come together to create a framework for your growth.

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