School of Transformation is unique in that it is a vocational ministry school: we combine class time with hands-on ministry training and one-on-one mentoring so that students can put what they learn into practice in a safe environment.


Our classes are generally small, which means each student receives individual attention, including mentoring and prayer ministry. The family atmosphere of our campus means that our staff is always nearby and available to meet with students. Each student also has the opportunity to gain real experience in ministry as they volunteer alongside our world-class team.


The school is a full-time, three year program divided into four levels: levels 1 and 2 (six months each) and levels 3 and 4 (one year each). The school schedule is structured differently in each level with more class time in levels 1 & 2 and more hands-on ministry training in levels 3 & 4. However, all students receive classroom teaching, hands-on-training, mentoring and prayer ministry. Students also attend church services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.


LEVEL 1Six Months - Class: 8am-12pm, Hands-on-training: 1pm-5pm

LEVEL 2: Six Months - Class: 8am-9am, Hands-on-training: 9am-5pm

LEVEL 3: One Year - Hands-on-training: 9am-5pm

LEVEL 4: One Year - Hands-on-training: 9am-5pm

Class Time

The primary aim of School of Transformation is to reveal the truth: the true nature of God, and your true identity as His son or daughter. Our Level 1 syllabus follows six broad topics in six months: Salvation, Healing the Heart, Love, Discipleship, Vision, and Outreach. The progression of the school moves gradually from receiving love and identity to learning how to demonstrate that same love to others.


Level 1 class time is 8am-12pm, Monday through Friday. Teaching sessions are generally one hour long and are broken up with breaks and other activities such as worship, testimony time, small group and social time. We have a core group of teachers plus a variety of guest speakers that step in throughout the semester.

During Level 2, class time takes place 8am-9am Monday-Thursday. In Levels 3 and 4, classes are on Wednesdays from 8am-9.30am. 

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Hands-On Training

All students are involved in hands-on ministry in one or more departments of either The Father’s House Church or Father’s House Restoration Ministries. The Father's House team runs a unique mix of community outreaches, discipleship ministries and non-profit businesses designed to take the message of Jesus to the heart of the city. Placements include everything from serving meals to the homeless to working with kids to learning how to run a small business.


 The Father’s House is located in Southside, Oroville, a community that has been ravaged by generational poverty and drug abuse. As a student, you will work alongside our incredible team of staff and interns to discover firsthand how Jesus transforms lives through outreaches, ministries, and the marketplace.

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Mentoring & Prayer Ministry

We offer (and highly encourage) monthly prayer ministry sessions for all students. Prayer ministry is about uncovering the hurts and lies that have held us bound in the past and allowing Jesus to heal us with forgiveness and truth. We have seen incredible growth and freedom in our team as we have embraced this part of our journey together.


Every student is assigned a mentor to help them acclimatize to school and to walk with them throughout their school journey. Students also take part in a weekly men’s and women’s small group to encourage students to bond and share their experiences. We have found that every class begins as strangers and ends as a family.

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Written Work

During Levels 1, 2 and the first half of level 3 there is an ongoing ‘gospel assignment’ centered around a certain theme such as Love or Discipleship that takes students through all four gospels as they journal on a specific topic. This homework amounts to reading roughly one chapter of a gospel per day and is handed in every two weeks.


In the second half of Level 3 and throughout Level 4, students are required to write essays based on the content of Sunday sermons at the Father's House Church.

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