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Refuse Ordinary

Hi! Are you satisfied with the Christianity you are living right now, or do you keep wondering whether there's more available to you? Would you be willing to put ordinary life on hold for six months to find out? 


The Father's House School of Transformation is a vocational ministry school based in Oroville, California. We are a community on a journey to change, to become who Jesus has called us to be, and to transform the world around us. We are looking for a small group of people who are willing to refuse ordinary and to set time aside to pursue Jesus with everything they have. Could one of those people be you?


If you could be interested in answering that call, drop us your email address and we will keep you in the loop! 



I have become CONFIDENT and have PURPOSE. I love who I am today and live to serve Jesus because He is worthy, not to prove my worth.



I have become someone who can DREAM.I have HOPE for my future and I am able to believe for good things.



I have discovered that being real and open with my struggles and choosing to trust the leaders here has set me free.

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